COM-3010PROX Negative Ion Counter / Tester for Ores


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Product Overview

The Negative Ion Counter for Ores
Model No. COM-3010PROX
Manufactured in Japan by COM System Inc.

The Negative Ion measuring instrument for ores

The design of energy saving which will make a display screen bright automatically if it becomes dark, measured value is displayed from 0 to 99,999.

The weak radiation generated from a natural ore or ceramics reacts to the molecule in the air, and an anion is made. A natural ore and ceramics are measured by a sensor, and it converts into the number of anions with the microcomputer of internal organs, and displays. Please use it as management of a product besides the cloth produced commercially using a natural ore and ceramics, bedding, clothing, wall material, and accessories, and a measuring instrument for sales promotion.

Product Features:

  • Measures negative ions generated especially by natural ores and ceramics, that emit radiation, such as Radium, Monazite and Silica.
  • Good for product promotion and R&D as it shows actual ion counts on the LCD.
  • Provides a stable measurement as it is less likely to be affected by air flow and it uses highly accurate detector.
  • Light/Sound to show you ion count fluctuation during measurement - Good for product promotion.
  • Can measure up to 100,000 (pcs/cc) ions. The wide measurement range usually covers negative ions generated by most of natural ores and ceramics.
  • Approx. 420g light weight, compact design and easy operation.
  • Battery-operated (4x AA) lightweight and compact body - Ion tester good for outdoor use.
  • 5 measurement modes, which include Standard, High speed, Automatic, Moving average and Radiation detection modes, enable efficient measurement and provide accurate data collection.

Please note: This ion counter cannot measure negative ions if a sample does NOT emit radiation. e.g. It cannot measure negative ions generated by an electric discharge type negative ion generator. You can use an air suction type air ion counter in that case.

Provides a Stable Measurement:

  • Less likely to be affected by air flow
    Ion counts measured by air suction type counter can be affected by air flow as they suck air to detect negative ions. The COM-3010PRO does not suck air but detects radiation and converts it into the negative ion count, so it is less likely to be affected by air flow. This is why it provides a stable measurement.
  • The highly accurate detector (Geiger-Müller tube)
    The highly accurate detector (Geiger-Müller tube), that meets NASA requirements, detects radiation and it converts it to the negative ion count. The GM (Geiger-Müller) tube measures an amount of radiation. When a radiation is released, the ambient air is ionized and then negative ions are generated. The amount of negative ions increases in proportion to the amount of the radiation. This instrument uses this theory to calculate the ion count.

Light/Sound to Show You Ion Count Fluctuation
The intensity of the light/sound change as the ion count fluctuates during measurement. You can visually and acoustically convince your customer.  The LED light on the upper side of the body and the detection sound intensify as the ion count increases. You can find how the ion count fluctuates intuitively. Good for product promotion in front of your customer!

Wide Range, Battery-Operated Lightweight and Compact Body
It measures up to 100,000(pcs/cc), so it is good for most of natural ores and ceramics. It runs on 4x AA batteries. The compact body weighs approx. only 420g and it fits your palm. Ion tester good for outdoor use!

Data Output
The ion count data can be printed out on a thermal printer by one push-button. The printer does not come with this counter.

How to Operate
This ion counter has 5 measurement modes.

  1. Standard mode:
    The counter measures the average negative ion count per 20 sec. 
  2. High speed mode:
    High speed mode: The counter measures the average negative ion count per 10 sec. Good for quick measurement. 
  3. Automatic measurement mode:
    The counter automatically measures the average negative ion count of 8 consecutive 20 second measurements. You do not need to repeat each measurement manually. 
  4. Moving average mode:
    The counter measures the average of 16 negative ion counts collected during the first 20 seconds and those collected every second during the next 15 seconds. It takes 35 seconds to complete the measurement in this mode. 
  5. Radiation detection mode:
    The reading increases depending on the dose of radiation the counter detects. This mode is useful to find the source of the radiation.

*Counterfeit products on the market
Counterfeit COM-3010PRO's are being sold at lower prices particularly in China. They may not perform as well as genuine products.


  • Display for indication: 5-figure display, white backlit liquid crystal.
  • Beep: A piezoelectric buzzer.
  • Signal LED: It is LED lighting with a signal.
  • Brightness sensor: It displays brightly by detecting darkness.
  • Time base range: 0 to 99,999 (pcs/cc)
  • Detector: Geiger-Müller sensor
  • Printer output: It prints to an option printer.
  • Low-battery: Comsumption of dry cell will display LOBAT.
  • Automatic printing: The ion count data is printed out automatically after measurement.
  • Auto power off: The power is automatically turned off.
  • Power supply: 4 x AA alkaline dry cells.
  • Case weight: Less than 420g (battery excluded)
  • Case size: 140mm x 77mm x 53mm
  • Operating temperature range: -10C to +50C (14F to 122F)
  • Operating humidity range: 90% R.H. or below (no condensation)
  • Storage temperature range: -20C to +60C (-4F to 140F)
  • Storage humidity range: 90% R.H. or below (no condensation)

Package Contents

  • Negative ion tester
  • A leather case
  • 4 x AA Alkaline dry cells
  • Operation manual


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