AlphaLab AIC Air Ion Counter Meter Reading +- Air Ions Densities

Alpha Labs

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Product Overview

AlphaLab Air Ion Counter
*** 2 million ions/cc version ***
Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

Quality Air Ion Counter measures the number of positive and negative ion in air.


  • Air Ion Counter -10°C to 50°C, Wind Speeds < 15 km/hr (9 mph)
  • Range/Resolution:
    • 2 million ions/cc model / 10 (ions per cc) Range change is manual.
    • 20 million ions/cc model, multiply range and resolution by 10.
    • 200 million ions/cc model, multiply by 100.
  • *Accuracy: +/- 25% of reading
  • Noise: 10 ions/cc (2 second averaging)
  • Meter Size: 6.5" x 3.7" x 3.0"; 165.1 x 93.98 x 76.2 mm
  • Weight: 14.8 oz (420 g)
  • Battery: 9 volt alkaline (~8 hour life) at maximum drain/ "Low Battery" indicator (3 decimals pts.)

*The unpredictable nature of ion self-destruction in the air just outside the meter makes more accurate measurement impossible (some ions are lost as air is redirected, positive and negative ions neutralize each other spontaneously, etc.) Air flow through the unit in still air is normally 400 cmsec. External wind, with wind guard in place, up to 15 km/hr (9 mph) in any direction will maintain accuracy to within +/- 25%. Air flow of 250-1000 cmsec is acceptable. Settling time is 1 second for a change, but allow 5 seconds after POLARITY switch setting is changed. Noise level for AIC 2 million version is 10 ions/cm3 (2 second sampling time). Noise is negligible for 20 million and 200 million versions.

Production Description:

The Air Ion Counter is a handheld meter designed to measure ion density-- the number of ions per cubic centimeter (ions/cc) in air. It measures this number separately for positive and negative ions (+ and - ions are usually present simultaneously). This instrument is a true ion density meter, based on a "Gerdien Tube" design, and it contains a fan which pulls air through the meter at a calibrated rate. The standard model measures up to 2 million ions/cc (for comparison, outdoor air typically has 100 to 1000 ions/cc, both + and -). The 2 million range is sufficient for almost all situations except for measuring very close to electric ionizers or strong radioactive sources. For these applications, models with ranges of 20 million and 200 million ions/cc are also available.

Air Ion Counter Operation:

Air is sucked in at the top (photo), is measured, and exits at the bottom. The display shows the ion count within 2 seconds and it continues to display the ion density in the air, showing any changes within 2 seconds after they occur. The POLARITY switch determines whether + or - ion density is displayed. (In the photo, negative ion density is being measured.) To conserve power, the switch on the right side can be flipped to STANDBY; this turns the fan off and stops the measurement. A rotary offset control fine-tunes the internal amplifier so the display reads zero if no ions are present (or whenever the meter is on STANDBY). No adjustment of this is needed unless the temperature changes significantly.?An analog output jack is present, which is useful for long-term automated monitoring. The meter uses a standard 9 volt battery, but an AC adapter and a rechargeable battery system are two options.

Please note: solids do not produce ions unless there is an energy source (such as radioactivity, high voltage or heat above about 600C). For example, neither tourmaline nor "diodes" produce any ions at room temperature unless radioactive material has been added. However, liquids evaporating can produce ions.


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