Tongdy TSP-CO-D110-T Carbon Monoxide Transmitter Controller Alarm 4-20mA


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Product Overview

Carbon Monoxide Transmitter/Controller/Alarm with OLED, Output: 4-20mA
with CO and Temperature measurment
(Model No.: TSP-CO-D110-T)

Product Features

  • Real-time monitoring Carbon Monoxide concentration in the air and Temperature detection
  • Industrial class housings structure design, firm and durable
  • Inside famous Japanese Carbon Monoxide sensor with more than 5 years lifetime
  • LCD display measured value or setting value
  • Double color working and alarm indicator lights, buzzer alarm
  • Provide different CO ranges selection
  • Provide one on/off relay outputs, a variety of combination to control carbon monoxide and temperature output
  • Provide different standard audible alarm with Chinese (GB15322), European (EN50291) and American (UL2034)
  • 4-20mA analog linear output for CO measured value
  • BACnet -MS/TP or Modbus RTU communication (Optional)

Typical Application

  • Underground car parking
  • In BMS systems to detect the CO level and the data transmittance
  • Public places monitoring and warning
  • All ventilation control system

Sensor Specification:

  • CO Sensor: Japanese Electrochemical CO Sensor
  • Measurement Range: 0 ~ 100ppm
  • Accuracy: <±1ppm ( 15~22℃ / 30 ~ 60%RH)
  • Stability: ±5% (over 900 days)
  • Sensor Lifetime: Up to 3~5 years and replaceable
  • Warm Up Time: 60 minutes(Frist use), 1 mniute(daily use)
  • Response Time: <130 seconds
  • The sensor coverage up to 30 meters radius subject to air movement
  • Temperature Range: -20℃ to 60℃
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃ (20~40℃)
  • Display Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Temperature Stability: ±0.1℃/year

General Parameters:

  • Power supply: 24VAC/24VDC
  • Consumption: 2.8W
  • Connection Standard: wire cross-section area < 1.5mm2
  • Operation Environment: -10℃~50℃; 10~95%RH
  • Storage Environment: -10℃~60℃; 0~90%RH, non-condensing
  • Dimension: 95mm(W)*117mm(L)*36mm(H)
  • Net weight: 280g
  • Manufacturing Standard: ISO 9001
  • Housings and IP class: PC/ABS fire-proof material; IP30 protection class
  • Design Standard: CE-EMC Approval


  • LCD Display: OLED screen, display real-time measured values with CO & Temp
  • CO analog linear output: 4-20mA
  • Relay Dry Contact outputs: one on/off relay outputs, max current 5A (230VAC/30VDC), Resistive load separately controls CO and Temperature
  • Double-color working indicator lights: Green: Normal Work; Red: Alarm Indication
  • Buzzer Alarm: When CO concentration exceeds the alarm value, the buzzer will ring

Calibration Functions: (Follow-up Supply)

  • DIP Switches: Used for zero calibration mode setting
  • Sensor air chamber Accessories: Connect windpipe, cover the air chamber to make zero calibration (Opitional)


  • Cardon Monoixide Controller (Model No. TSP-CO-D110-T)
  • User Manual


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