Termoprodukt Termio-31 Temperature ST-05K Probe Data Logger -80~80°C with USB cradle (5m)


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Product Overview

Industrial Portable Temperature Probe Data logger
with USB logger cradle

Low Temperature -80°C to 80°C
(Model No. Termio-31-ST05)


Industrial LCD digital portable temperature data logger with interchangeable thermocouple probes.

Min max temperature logger Termio-31 measures temperature over the range of -200°C to 1400°C, resolution 0.1 °C.

General purpose temperature recorder Termio-31 display provides current temperature reading, min/max temperature, battery indication has also Hold function.

Thermocouple data recorder Termio-31 is priced excluding probe. Termoprodukt offers interchangeable type K thermocouple penetration probes and surface thermocouple probes. Termio-31 can be connected to any K-type probes.

Termio-31 can be connected to a computer via a USB logger cradle. When ordering loggers it is necessary to order at least one USB logger cradle.

Data logger has free sofware available on our website: download

The software allows to programme the logging sample/interval rate from 1 secs.,the real-time clock , user can programme delayed start from clock/calendar or start from button, after filing memory overwriting or stop.

Registered data can be display as graphs, spreadsheet or .txt file.

Termio-31 creates many files with data - each time recording is started and stopped new file is created in memory.

Termio-31 come with stainless steel K type immersion thermocouple probe ST-05 is suitable for measuring the air temperature in fridges, freezers and ovens.


  • Temperature data logger
  • Measuring in °C
  • Resolution of display: 0.1°C in range from -200°C to 1000°C, 1°C outside
  • Visual inspection shows if limits exceeded
  • LED indication alarm exceeded
  • Recording start directly from a button or from calendar/clock
  • Display of minimal and maximal values
  • Low battery indication
  • Sample rate from 1sec.
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Memory 32 000 data
  • K type probe socket


  • Sensor: K Type thermocouple probe
  • Temperature range: -200 to + 1400 °C depending on external probe
  • Resolution: from -200°C to +1000°C: 0.1 °C; 1°C other range
  • Sample rating interval: from 1 seconds
  • Memory: 32,000 readings
  • Start / Stop recording: from computer, from button or from time/clock, adjustable delay to start or end
  • Alarm indication vs display: Yes
  • Maximum and minimum temperature: Yes on display
  • Low Temperature ST05 K-type Thermocouple Probe
    • Temperature range: -80°C to 80°C
    • Accuracy:
      • -80ºC to 20ºC: ±0.5ºC
      • 21ºC to 45ºC: ±1.0ºC
      • 46ºC to 80ºC: ±2.0ºC
    • Probe diameter: 4mm
    • Probe length: 70mm
    • Cable length: 5m
    • Probe cover: stainless steel, acid resistant steel SS321
  • Interface: USB Logger Cradle to computer
  • Dimension: 45mm x 100mm x 19mm
  • Power: 1 x lithium battery 3.6V (1/2 AA size) included
  • Protection: IP65 device
  • Body material: environmentally-friendly ABS, digital LCD display
  • Body Weight : 85g (include battery)

Package includes:

  • Termio-31 data logger
  • ST-05 K-type thremocouple probe with 5m cable
  • USB logger cradle
  • Operating Manual


  • Manufacturer calibration certificate.
  • CE

Notice: An "USB logger cradle" is needed with USB connection to interface with computer to read and download data from the Termio-31. The cradle can be share with others Termio Data Logger.


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