Kaiterra KM-200A PM2.5 Sensor Modules (Silver) for Sensedge Mini (SE200)


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Product Overview

Kaiterra Sensedge Mini's
Silver Sensor Module
measure Particulate Matter - PM2.5

(Model No.: KM-200A)

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The KM-200 is the silver sensor module that measure your Particulate Matter - PM2.5. This KM-200 sensor module is only for replacing Kaiterra Sensedge Mini once the existing sensor module lifespan is expiry.

We recommend changing your sensor modules every 1.5 years to main accurate readings
WELL, RESET, and other building certifications typically require annual replacement or calibration - so make sure to check out their requirements for more information! 

Kaiterra creates high-accuracy air quality monitors and data solutions for consumers, businesses, governments, and industrial use.

The Sensedge Mini provides real-time, accurate measurements of PM2.5, TVOC, and CO2 concentrations, as well as temperature and relative humidity readings. With multiple power, connectivity, and installation options, the Sensedge Mini is made to the satisfaction of building owners, facility managers, tenants, and employees.

Tested and certified by the RESET standard for accuracy, the Sensedge is fully compliant with various green building and air quality standards, including WELL v2, LEED, RESET, the Living Building Challenge, and Fitwel.


  • Particulate Matter Sensor (KM-200, Silver Module)
    • Mass concentration range: 0 to 1,000μg/㎥
    • Mass concentration size:
      • PM2.5: 0.3 to 2.5 μg/m3
      • PM10.0: 0.3 to 10.0 μm
    • Mass concentration accurcy for PM2.5
      • 0 to 30 μg/m3:  ±3 μg/m3
      • 30 to 1000 μg/m3:  ±10% m.v.
    • Sensor output resolution: 1 μg/m3
    • Sensor technology: Laser particle sensor (Light scattering) 
    • Typical response time: 10 s
    • Recommended lifetime: 
      • High pollution concentration (> 200 μg/m3): 1.3 years
      • Low pollution concentration (< 100 μg/m3): 2 years
    • Calibration: Calibratted against standized aerosol mix


(No reviews yet) Write a Review