CEM DT-8820 4-in-1 digital Multifunction Environment Meter


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Product Overview

CEM 4-in-1 digital Multifunction Environment Meter
(Model: DT-8820)
(Sound Level Meter, Light Meter, Humidity Meter, and Temperature Meter)

This Environment Test Meter measures Sound in dB, Light in Lux, Relative Humidity as %RH and Temperature in deg C or deg F

This popular hand held environment test meter is simple to operate has a large display and a few simple buttons to select the environment parameter to be measured.

The 4 in 1 Environment test meter has a data hold and max hold switch plus a low battery indication and it auto powers off to save batteries. The environment light sensor is on a coiled cable to enable the light level measurements to be made without the operator shading the light reading sensor. The plug in K type thermocouple enables this environment meter to measure temperature in degrees Celcius or Fahrenheit. This 4 in 1 Environment testing meter also has a 4mm camera bush for tripod mounting. Save money on buying individual testing instruments with this incredibly cheap 4 in 1 Environmental Meter.


  • The environment meter with 4 functions measure Sound level, Light, Humidity and Temperature
  • 3 1/2 large LCD display with units of Lux, ºC,%RH and C & dB, A & dB indication.
  • Easy to use
  • Environment Light measuring levers ranging from 0.01 lux to 20,000 lux.
  • Environment Sound level range
    A LO (low) – Weighting: 35-100 dB  
    A HI (High)- Weighting: 65-130 dB  
    C LO (low) – Weighting: 35-100 dB 
    C HI (High)- Weighting: 65-130 dB 
    Resolution: 0.1 dB 
  • Environment Humidity measurement from 25%RH to 95%RH with 0.1%RH resolution and fast time response.
  • Environment Temperature measuring levers ranging from – 20.0ºC~+750ºC/-4ºF~+1400ºF 

This Environment test meter is Ideal for health and safety and environmental testing measurements in the offices, factories, workshops, councils, industrial units and all sporting events.


  • Temperature
    • Range: -20ºC~200ºC / -4ºF~200ºF
      • Resolution: 0.1ºC / 0.1ºF
      • Accuracy: ±(3.0%+2ºC) / ±(3.0%+2ºF)
    • Range: -20ºC~750ºC / -4ºF~1400ºF
      • Resolution: 1ºC / 1ºF
      • Accuracy:
        ±(3.0%+2ºC) ≤150ºC; ±3.0% ≥150ºC
        ±(3.0%+2ºF) ≤302ºF; ±3.0%≥302ºF
  • Light
    • Range: 20,200,2000,20000 (2000 x 10 Lux)
    • Resolution: 0.01, 0.1, 1
    • Accuracy: ±(5.0%+10d)
  • Humidity
    • Range: 35%~95%RH
    • Resolution: 0.1%RH
    • Accuracy: ±5.0%RH at 25ºC
  • Sound Level
    • Range: 35dB~100dB
    • Resolution: 0.1dB
    • Accuracy: ±3.5dB at 94dB sound level, 1KHz sine wave
  • Size(HxWxD): 251mm x 63.8mm x 40mm
  • Weight: 250g   

Standard Certification:

  • CE
  • EMC
  • EN: 61326

Package includes:

  • Environment Meter with Sound probe
  • 9V Batteries x 1
  • User manual x 1
  • K-type temperature probe x 1
  • Humidity probe x 1
  • Light probe x 1
  • Gift box with carrying case


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